Jac Wall Panels

JAC wall panels give an extra dimension to your walls and compliment a multitude of internal and external applications. With our extensive line of environmentally friendly wall panels in distinctive patterns and vibrant colours, you can experience wood in different moods and different tastes. In addition, our wall panels are processed under strict quality control guidelines to ensure highest performance during the product lifecycle.


  • Extensive range of decors and finishes
  • Wide range of applications
  • Eco friendly
  • Safe and durable

Decorative Wooden Panels for Wall

Wall panelling is now the most effective way to bring an exquisite, aesthetic visual appeal to your house and office building. It is the most durable and cost effective method to bring a new vibe to your home and yourself. These are typically available in all sizes, colours, and textures. Wooden wall panels are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide strong structural support and conceal hideous cables and wires on the wall. Wooden panelling on both the interior and exterior of homes and buildings is always viewed as elegant and gives a touch of royalty to your buildings and rooms. Buy Decorative Wooden Wall Panels and Wooden Panels for Walls from Jac Interiors. 

Tips for Maintaining Wooden Panels 

  • Clean the wall panels regularly with a duster or dry cotton cloth.
  • Spills and splatters of any drink or food item can affect the sustainability of the panels; hence, don’t let the stain remain on the panels for a long period of time. Clean them as soon as you spot any stains.
  • Direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays can make the wood go dull and eventually decay, so always ensure that the wall panels are away from direct sunlight.
  • All wall panels must be inspected at regular intervals. Replace the defective ones with new ones, and also look for molds and other fungus that are prone to developing on the wet surfaces of the wall panels; hence, make sure to keep them dry at all times.

Aesthetic Wooden Panelling Ideas to Try 

  • Keep it simple and elegant: You could keep the wooden panelling simple and elegant by not adding any colours or designs to the panels. To accentuate the panels, add some wooden furniture to go with the colour tone and mood of the room.
  • Be creative and aesthetic: Working in a dual-toned coloured office gives an aesthetic look and brings out the creativity in every employee. Colour your wooden panels white or grey and paint one of the walls with the most vibrant colours and designs like red, blue, or yellow. 
  • Small but better: Install the wooden panels just in your favourite areas, like behind your television, as a background for your bookshelf, on your bedroom wall, or as a perimeter for your bathroom window.
  • Build a magic wall: There must be a wall in every room that is always left plain. You could install wooden panels on that wall and give the whole house a rustic look, or you could design and paint the panels in each room with the favourite colours of your family members. Without doubt, that would be the favourite wall in their room.

Why Should You Buy Decorative Wooden Wall Panels from Jacwud?

Decorative wooden wall panels from Jacwud are highly durable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly. Jacwud wall panels are available in all sizes, colours, and textures, which give an attractive look to your home. Wooden wall panels by Jacwud are highly demanded as they give extra structural support to the wall and do not decay easily. Decorative wooden wall panels by Jacwud are made to satisfy your demand, hence making your dream home come true.


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