JAC VENEER, the pioneer manufacturers and exporters of Group Matched Veneers in India, has an extensive range of veneers from around the world. Our exotic range of burls, pommele, figured and fumed veneers are a treat for the most discerning. Our designer collection opens out a limitless canvas for creativity. Touch, feel and smell our veneers and you will experience the natural difference. The full range of veneers are available as 3mm decorative plywoods and also as veneered MDF in thicknesses of 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 & 25mm. Buy best Veneer Sheets from Leading Veneer Manufacturers in India.

For years, we’ve been enhancing spaces by pouring imagination into every piece of work and transforming them into works of pure beauty with amazing design. Jac Interiors is a name to be reckoned with, with a global presence of being the leading veneer manufacturer in India, and a guiding concept of new technologies and creative solutions.

About Veneer

Before being transformed into a complex work of art, the wood is sourced from the world’s most well-known wood species. Jac Interiors has the largest variety of veneers with over 200 valuable wood types such as Wenge, Mahogany, and Oak. While each veneer is a work of art in and of itself, our unique additions elevate it to new heights. The fine workmanship makes Jac Interiors sumptuous and timeless, infusing them with inventive treatments to create unique and magnificent variations.

Why Use Veneers?

The benefits of using veneers include: 

  • Stunning interiors

Like no other cladding option, a veneer can give your interiors a natural look.

  • Cost-efficient

Veneer will be significantly less expensive than solid wood of the same species.

  • Environmentally friendly product

Jac Interiors veneers are environmentally friendly and long-lasting.

  • Variety

Veneers come in a wide range of wood colours, designs, and grain patterns, making them truly distinctive.

  • Sustainability

As veneers are made out of thin layers of wood, you may cover a larger area with less wood while maintaining the same look and feel.

  • Life

Once polished, veneers last for a long time.

  • Stability

In contrast to genuine wood, the veneer is resistant to warping and splitting.

  • Availability

Veneer will be easier to come by than exotic lumber.


Why Jac Interiors?

We are India’s sole firm with a fully integrated production setup for ornamental veneer processing, from round logs to decorative veneer panels, including all value-added services. The interior design communities in India extensively utilize our company’s goods. 

We at Jac Interiors are committed to processing wood in an environmentally friendly manner, and we support sustainable forest management techniques wholeheartedly. We guarantee that the wood you’re using was harvested from well-managed forests with long-term sustainability in mind.

We are India’s leading decorative veneer producer and supplier. We’ve been at the forefront of constant innovation, allowing us to create and execute modern lifestyle trends that have become iconic in contemporary life, carrying on the Jac Interiors’ history. Our award-winning products have changed the face of Indian reality, pushing us closer to our goal of being one of the leading veneer manufacturers in India.

Our veneer sheets are known for their superior quality, luxurious veneer texture, and striking patterns as the pioneers in burls, pommels, figured, and fumed veneers in India. Buy the best veneer sheets that will enchant your senses while enhancing the natural beauty of your furniture.


  • Inspired by the diversity of nature, this collection features a beautiful assortment of natural veneers that have been expertly produced to give your interiors the ultimate touch.
  • Natural veneers in a ravishingly new and fantastic selection.
  • These rare species come from sustainable forests in Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, and other parts of the world. 




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