Jacwud SuperD is a High Density Fibre Board which has been accepted in the market as the BEST AVAILABLE HDF IN INDIA. It is an advanced version of Jacwud Hardwood MDF where the density is improved by loading more fibre content. It has even more Anti–fungal properties and is widely used for moulding and carving works. The density of Superd is around 800-860 kg/m3 which is the highest natural density reported for thick HDF boards across the globe. Going by technical definition, this board is HDF ( High Density fibre board) which has better characteristics than any other board in the market. The inherent stability, ease of machining and eco friendly characteristics of JACWUD SUPERD HDF, creates endless opportunities for it to be used as an alternative to plywood and solid wood. Buy Premium HDF Wood Sheet and Prelam Boards from Jac Interiors

We’ve been enriching rooms for years by infusing inspiration into each piece of work and making them into pieces of pure beauty with an incredible design. With a global presence as India’s largest HDF wood sheet maker and a guiding idea of innovative technology and creative solutions, Jac Interiors is a brand to be reckoned with.

What is a Premium HDF Wood Sheet?

HDF (High-Density Fibreboard/Hardboard) is a similar product to MDF in that it is a man-made composite panel created from compressed wood fibres. With a normal density of up to 900 kg/m3, it is a stronger and tougher product. HDF is mostly used in laminate flooring products that need this density, and it is also used in door skins and substructures.

Due to its durability and sturdiness, HDF is the recommended substrate for laminated wood flooring. As previously said, all of the board’s surfaces should be well-finished, and the core should never be exposed, because even a small amount of moisture would cause it to expand, causing the flooring boards to pop out of alignment. This is why hardwood laminate flooring should only be cleaned with a moist cloth and should never be wiped with too much water. Purchase high-quality HDF wood sheets for the best flooring of your space from Jac Interiors.

As you can see, HDF may be employed in situations where additional strength and bearing capacity are required, as well as a better level of performance. Jac Interiors offers high-quality Prelam boards for all your furniture needs. Buy Prelam boards from Jac Interiors that can embellish your space!


Applications of Premium HDF Wood Sheets

  • Flooring Substrate
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Wardrobes
  • Wall Panelling
  • Wall Shelves


Why Buy Premium HDF Wood Sheets?

  • It’s ideal for making indoor furnishings that you’ll use frequently.
  • HDF may be used to make partitions.
  • It is simple to cut through and has clean edges.
  • HDF provides a smooth, painting-friendly surface.
  • Both plywood and MDF are tougher and thinner than this material.
  • HDF is just as robust as real wood, but it’s a lot less expensive.
  • It is less susceptible to water than MDF, although it is not completely water-resistant.
  • HDF does not break or get warm when the seasons change since it is manufactured artificially. This feature aids in the prevention of appliance distortion. 


Why Jac Interiors?

We are continually striving to create industry standards and abide by environmental safety regulations. We are pioneers in the manufacture of numerous goods such as Group Matched Decorative Veneers, Pre-Hung Doors, Veneered HDF, Processed Rubber Wood, K/D Furniture, and so on, since innovation is ingrained in our culture. With a significant presence in both the Indian and international markets, we continue to be a leader in different wood-related products. The High-Density Fibre Board has better attributes than any other Prelam board on the market. JACWUD SUPERD HDF’s inherent stability, simplicity of machining, and eco-friendly properties open up a world of possibilities for it to be utilised as a substitute for plywood and solid wood. Purchase these Prelam boards to create a stunning space for your ideas and to reinvent yourself in your decor! Buy Finger Jointed Board and Rub Wood Sheet from the Pioneers Jac Interior Stores.

  • Thickness – 800-860 kg/m3
  • High density
  • Eco-friendly


  • Super Strong
  • Super Moisture Resistance
  • Super Machinability
  • Super Fungus Restistance


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