Available Sizes:
Thickness: 18mm
Width: 1220mm
Length: 2440mm

  • Jacteek Rubber Wood Boards are kiln dried finger jointed boards in 8’x4’ size and in various thickness. It is manufactured in a state of the art factory and can be benchmark with the best finger joined boards in the world.
  • Latex mark free sawn wood is treated to ensure that it will be able to withstand the necessary pressures of manufacturing. Preservatives applied to the wood so that it will have increased resistance to fungal and termite attacks before sealing it all in together in a vacuum state using a pressure chamber.
  • After the chemical treatment the wood is carefully sorted and stacked in sophisticated computerised chambers for kiln drying. Care is taken to ensure that the timber is completely dry before moving on to the next step.
  • The kiln dried timber is then carefully selected and made into boards after going through the finger jointed process and bonded together in high frequency pressure.
  • Unlike other boards Jacteek finger joined boards are perfectly treated and scientifically kiln dried to prevent warping, fungel and borer attack. So, No complaint of warping, fungal attack etc..
  • Due to its light colour Jacteek board is the best solid wood option for staining.
  • It has got a wide range of application in the furniture industry.
  • Jacteek board is economical and its properties are better than any hardwood in terms of strength, life and structural stability.


Finger Jointed Board and Rub Wood Sheet 

Finger-jointed boards are wooden boards with long tapering fingers that interlock to connect one piece longitudinally or sideways. In the woodworking and manufacturing processes, finger joints are also known as comb joints or box joints. To construct a finger-jointed board, two pieces of wood are glued together and finger-jointed. Each piece of wood is cut into finger-like shapes that work well together. As a result, they can connect from one end to the other or from one side to the other. Buy Finger Jointed Board and Rub Wood Sheet from the Pioneers Jac Interior Stores.

Since finger-jointed boards must fit securely without slippage or gaps, they need exceptionally precise fitting. After the boards are secured, these finger-jointed boards are so strong that they don’t need any further support. High-quality adhesives, such as PVC, are used to achieve this functionality. Jacteek solid wood finger jointed boards, Kerala’s best finger jointed boards, stand out in every aspect, ensuring the most durable finger jointed boards. The Rub Wood Sheet from Jac Interiors has a distinct and powerful appeal.

Rubberwood Finger Joint boards are ready-to-use panel boards made of treated rubberwood panels that are kiln-dried, finger-jointed, edge-glued, cold-pressed, and sanded in a specific order. The finger-jointing process provides dimensional stability as well as strength comparable to any hardwood. As a result, Jacteek Solid Wood Finger Joint Boards will remain straight even in the harshest climatic circumstances and are particularly adaptable to cutting, etching, shaping, or painting for interior design requirements. 


  • Completely Seasoned Wood
  • Paintable
  • High Strength
  • High Longevity


Advantages of Jacteek Finger Jointed Boards: Kerala’s Leading Finger Jointed Board

  • Longer planks can be created from finger-jointed boards.
  • They have an appealing appearance. Therefore, with design and flair, a commonplace item may be brought to life.
  • When compared with other finger-jointed boards on the market, they are significantly more durable.
  • Wider board sizes with a sleek look may be obtained with our finest finger-jointed boards in Kerala.
  • Strong contours and tapered sightlines characterise Jacteek Finger Jointed Boards.
  • They are excellent at soaking up oil and paint, resulting in a lovely finish.
  • As a result, they may be made into windows, doorways, cupboards, tables, shelves, and seats, among other things.
  • These boards are more durable and can be used to construct box shapes.
  • Jacteek finger-jointed boards may be used to create and construct wooden furniture frames and legs.
  • Termite and fungal attacks are not a problem.


Applications of Rub Wood Sheet

  • Panelling
  • CNC
  • Tabletops
  • Cabinetry


Why Jac Interiors?

Jac Interiors provides a choice of grades and sizes of rub wood panels to meet your needs. Whether you want a finger jointed board with enhanced features, lightweight properties, or exceptional aesthetic attributes, we have a remedy for you. As we regulate quality from raw materials to final items, we can make bespoke plywood that meets specific client standards. Buy Finger Jointed Board online at the lowest rates from Jac Interiors and experience its practicality as well as the beauty it emanates. 


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