Jacwud hardwood MDF is a composite wood panel made by extracting fibre from tropical hardwood and bonding them together using sophisticated Continuous Pressing Technology to form a homogenous board with density ranging from 750 to 850 kgs per cubic meter.

Jacwud Hardwood MDF is an eco-friendly product and an ideal substitute for other panel boards such as Marine Plywood, Commercial Plywood, Block board etc.. The astronomical growth of Jacwud could be attributed to :-

  Its ideal surface for Veneer or Melamine lamination.
  Perfectly suited for spray painting and lacquering
  Uniform density for profiling or carving
  Screw holding properties matching to solid wood.
  Low thickness swelling properties.
•  High resistance to Fungus.
  Natural Colour. No artificial colours like PINK or GREEN are used.

Jacwud MDF has endless use due to its versatility. It can be used for all interior furniture applications such as table tops, door panels, wall panels, architectural moldings, cupboards, kitchen cabinets, office furniture, photo frames, cot headboards and footboards, exhibition display panels etc..

A comparison of Jacwud Hardwood MDF with other MDF boards



* Screw holding only for thickness 15mm and above.
* 24 hours immersion in 20(+/-) degree celsius water.

Jac Interiors is one of India’s leading Hardwood MDF producers, offering an exotic range of unique surface ideas to beautify and embellish your dream spaces.

Our materials are distinguished by superior colour fastness and substrate bonding capabilities. Jac Interiors is one of the best hardwood MDF manufacturers in the country, using cutting-edge technology in their production.

We constantly make sure that excellent quality MDF panels are available to you at the best pricing and in a broad selection at Jac Interiors. Since its establishment, Jac Interiors has used innovative technology and creative solutions as the guiding concept for decor ideas with elegance and character that experts such as architects, interior designers, and end customers can readily rely on. Buy Hardwood MDF from the Best Hardwood MDF Manufacturers in Kerala.

What Is Hardwood MDF?

Hardwood MDF is made entirely of high-quality timber. The advantages of this MDF are its long life and toughness. Buy hardwood MDF, which is a fabricated panel made up of three or more thin plies of hardwood put on top of each other with each ply’s grain running perpendicular to the one on each side. MDF is a robust, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly alternative to real wood. Hardwood MDF is used to construct a variety of items in your house or business. Hardwood MDF is used in everything from tables to chairs, flooring to cupboards, and doors to couches. Hardwood MDF embodies nature’s modest elegance amid technical achievements, making it as appealing as it is flexible. JACWUD Mixed Tropical Hardwood MDF was the first company to manufacture hardwood MDF, and we produce products that are unsurpassed in quality, artistry, and ecological sustainability.


Hardwood MDF Advantages

  • Environmentally friendly

Hardwood MDF is a natural product and a renewable source of energy. Thus, it is the best product that is both environmentally viable and sustainable. 

  • Strong

Strength is the main factor to be considered while choosing the best furniture. Hardwood MDF is stronger than steel and many other raw materials used for furniture.

  • Versatility

Hardwood MDF can be moulded into the desired size and shape to obtain any sort of furniture. 

  • Durability

Durability is what makes furniture distinct and long-lasting. Hardwood MDF has a long shelf life and is durable for hundreds of years.

Why Jac Interiors?

To satisfy your demands, Jac Interiors offers a variety of grades and sizes of MDF panels. We have a solution for you, whether you need hardwood with elevated features, lightweight characteristics, or remarkable aesthetic qualities. We can produce custom MDF that fulfils exact customer expectations since we control quality from raw materials to finished goods. Buy hardwood MDF online from Jac Interiors at the best prices and enjoy its usefulness as well as the elegance it exudes. Buy Wooden Skirting Boards and Minimalist Modern Skirting Boards from Jac Interiors.


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