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Businesses and contractors look to JAC for their premium hardware needs. Strong, tempered, responsibly sourced, and extremely versatile, our hardware serves as the backbone in many large scale, as well as highly specialised, applications. This includes floor springs, door closers, door handles, butt hinges, tower bolts, mortise lock body, night latch locks & accessories and much more. Buy your hardware fittings from Top Furniture Hardware Fittings Manufacturers in Kerala.

Furniture Hardware Fittings

Each and every house and building requires a number of furniture hardware fittings to make the functions of furniture and other accessories easier. This helps in making the furniture durable and use-worthy. Some of the common furniture hardware fittings are screws, hinges for your doors and windows, tower bolts, etc. When you buy cheap furniture, the cost-cutting methods normally used by the manufacturer are on the hardware fittings, which makes the furniture less durable. No matter how aesthetically pleasing a piece of furniture might be, if it is not made with good quality furniture hardware fittings, it will never last long, and you could even get hurt due to its lack of quality build. 

Tips on How to Buy Furniture Hardware Fittings

  • When choosing materials for the furniture hardware fittings, some people go with what they prefer and what looks good and better. Most materials have good durability, but may not look good. On the other hand, some materials may look very good but may not have a long life-span. As a result, the materials chosen vary and depend on the individual. So be careful while choosing the right product.
  • Consider choosing furniture hardware fittings that suit the tone of your home; brass and golden-coated iron materials could be better for you if you live in a traditional home, whereas if you have a modern or contemporary house, you could switch to glass or other materials.
  • Always choose according to the use of these furniture hardware fittings. That is, door handles, window bolts, or knobs could be selected as per a person’s aesthetic sense and in whichever tone your house is constructed. But when it comes to sustainable furniture and accessories, you ought to choose furniture hardware fittings considering the strength and durability of the fittings.

Some Common Furniture Hardware Fittings and Their Applications

Furniture hardware fittings are always in demand as they are widely used for every house and building all over the world. Some of the most commonly used furniture hardware fittings are:

  • They are used to assemble and attach two or more pieces of furniture or metal together. 
  • Hinges that are used for the functioning of doors and cabinets depend on the design and model.
  • A handle is one of the most aesthetically pleasing hardware fittings you can select because it simply serves as a means for us to open doors and cabinets.
  • Drawer slides are what you see in most modular kitchens. 
  • Floor springs ensure that the door automatically closes when opened. 
  • A tower bolt is usually a cylindrical-shaped rod to fasten the door.
  • Night latch locks are actually fitted on the door and can be handled from either side with a key.

Jacwud Furniture Hardware Fittings 

Jacwud is one of the top furniture hardware fitting manufacturers in India. Jacwud provides premium-quality furniture hardware fittings with high durability and sustainability. Some of the premium-quality furniture hardware fittings that Jacwud provides include door closers, mortise locks,hinges for your doors, door handles, tower bolts, night latching locks, and their accessories. Most furniture manufacturers in India prefer Jacwud hardware fittings due to their unfailing quality. You could also buy the best quality, sustainable Jacwud furniture hardware fittings and make your home a better and safer place to live.


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