• Jacteek beech lumber is perfectly kiln dried, Square-Edged and steamed, Kiln drying process is done at the factory.
  • Optimised drying process guarantees low-stress wood and uniform colouring.
  • Beech lumber has high dimensional stability due to ideal moisture content.
  • The strength of Beechwood is at par with the density of Teak wood.
  • Best available timber for furniture and interior applications.
  • Ideal for staining.
  • Sourced from organized forestry from Europe and is 100% eco-friendly.
  • Sizes offered ; Thickness 1.5”, 2” and 3” ( random width and length )

Jac Interiors is a prominent seasoned wood supplier in Kerala, offering a diverse selection of creative surface ideas to enhance and decorate your dream places. Exceptional colour fastness and surface bonding characteristics characterise our products. Jac Interiors is one of the largest beech wood lumber producers in the country, and their products are made using cutting-edge technology. At Jac Interiors, we work hard to ensure that you have access to high-quality beech wood lumber at the best prices and in a wide variety of styles. Jac Interiors has been using new technology and creative solutions as the guiding principle for décor concepts with elegance and character, working with specialists like architects, interior designers, and other experienced professionals related to the field. Buy Beech Wood Lumber from the Best Seasoned Wood Suppliers in Kerala. 

What is Beech Wood Lumber?

Throughout history, beech has been the most extensively used timber. Despite its historical competition with oak, beech wood has persisted to this day as a sustainable wood for the production of all sorts of furniture due to its exceptional qualities. Beech is a robust, hefty, and leafy wood that is famous for its mild tones and exceptional resistance to all sorts of finishes. Beech wood is a reddish-brown wood that may be used in a variety of interior design projects. It’s commonly used in the construction of chairs, stools, and hardwood flooring. The medium wood is suitable for durable furniture that will see a lot of wear. It’s also used to make cabinets and timber. The tight grain of beech wood resembles that of maple and birch wood, with wide rays and delicate lines. It’s simple to stain, making it ideal for a variety of household applications. Beech wood has medium shock resilience, which makes it ideal for high-traffic flooring and daily furniture

Uses of Beech Wood Lumber

  • From rustic furniture to modular furniture
  • Handles, ploughs, and carts
  • Panels, industrial plywood, and veneers
  • It is used for interior carpentry and joinery, including doors, platforms, friezes, mouldings, stairwells, and coatings
  • It is frequently used as a veneer wood and in the production of plywood
  • It is commonly used in cabinet manufacturing and carpentry
  • Baseball bats, tennis rackets, and gym trellis structures are all made of this wood
  • Instruments for music
  • Used in the construction of children’s toys
  • Furniture for the home (straw chairs, armchairs, sofas, shelves)

Why JacTeek Beech Wood Lumber?

Jac Interiors provides a choice of grades and sizes of JacTeek Lumber to meet your needs. Whether you want seasoned wood with enhanced features, lightweight properties, or exceptional aesthetic attributes, we have a solution for you. As we regulate quality from raw materials to final items, we can make bespoke seasoned wood that meets exact customer specifications. Buy beech wood lumber online at the lowest rates from Jac Interiors and experience its practicality as well as the beauty it radiates. 


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