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We are happy to see our valuable customers with our doors installed in their homes. With over 100 years of experience in wood, we have evolved to the fame of being the manufacturers and suppliers of the best doors in Bangalore. Earning the love and care from our valuable customers had made us reach this great fame of manufacturing and supplying the best doors in Bangalore.

Jac Interior Store is located at Hennur, Bangalore. We never failed to satisfy our customer needs and requirements for years. And still, we are on our journey to achieve the title “The Best Ever Door Manufacturers and Suppliers in Karnataka”. Our customer’s feedback and suggestions are the steps for us to achieve that pinnacle of fame.

Our Jac Doors fit our home perfectly! They are authentic in wood and are adorable. They are the best doors in Bangalore” – says one of our valuable customers from Bangalore.

Best Doors In Bangalore

With a legacy of over 100 years in wood, we, a part of the Thamarappally Family, have pioneered the concept of lightweight eco-friendly doors and Pre-Hung Doors in India. Being the manufacturers and suppliers of the best doors in Bangalore, we have always applied the best technology. We ensured and procured the finest raw materials to maintain the highest standards and quality in all our products. We offer over 100 varieties of Veneered Flush Doors, Moulded Panel Doors, HPL Laminated Doors, Painted Doors, Fire Doors, Sound Doors, Climate Doors, and more.

“Jac Doors are classic! I love the warmth and character they bring to our home. Undoubtedly, they are the best doors in Bangalore.” – Jac Door customer from Bangalore

best door in Bangalore

We know that people have a lot of pride in the appearance and beauty of their homes. In fact, it is an external factor describing how well you live. A happy home requires strong and durable doors. And we manufacture and supply the best doors in Bangalore as well as the best doors in Kerala and Chennai. We assure you that our doors meet the highest standards and provide privacy, safety, and security to your family. Experience our world of authentic and the best wood doors to feel its warmth and look.

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