American Walnut Veneer – One of the Best Veneers in Kerala

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Jac Veneer is one of the best manufacturers and exporters of Veneers in India. Being the best Veneers manufacturer and supplier in Kerala, we have an extensive range of veneers from around the world. Our designer collection of the best veneers in Kerala opens out a limitless canvas for creativity.

One of the best veneers is the exotic American Walnut Veneer. It is made out of the American Walnut, also called Black Walnut. It is an exotic wood species that comes in rich dark-brown and purple-black colors. Due to the many notable attributes of the wood species, it is widely used as veneers.

Best Veneer in Kerala

American Walnut Veneers from Jac Veneer, being one of the best veneers in Kerala, can be used for an array of surfacing needs. Particularly in spaces like lounges and malls where aesthetics has a significant role. The unique makeup, durability, and easy maintenance of American walnut veneer make it to be one of the most popular, in-demand, and best real wood veneers in Kerala.

The Uniqueness of the Best Veneer in Kerala

The American Walnut veneer is unique in its structure and composition. We can never find two pieces of this wood that are completely identical. That much is its extent of uniqueness. Every piece of furniture surfaced with American Walnut veneers exhibits a unique personality. It is characterized by different colors, grains, knots, and cracks. You can buy the most exotic and unique American Walnut Veneer from the best Veneer manufacturer and supplier in Kerala, Jac Veneer.

High Durability Making it The Best Veneer in Kochi

With adequate care, American Walnut veneer surfaces promise an extensive lifespan or durability. American Walnut is harder than most types of softwood. American walnut veneers can easily withstand normal wear and tear. Also, they are resistant to cleaning agents and biodegradation.

Best Veneer in Kochi

Ease of Maintenance

American Walnut Veneer surfaces are easy to clean and maintain. This is one of the reasons why interior designers and architects recommend the best American walnut veneer from Jac Veneer, the best veneer manufacturer and supplier in Kerala. American walnut veneer is made from high-quality wood species. As a result, it requires minimal maintenance to retain its appeal. Regular dusting with a dry cloth is the best way to keep it clean. Wiping with a damp cloth can also be practiced to keep the veneers in top shape for years.

Exceptional Workability of Jac Veneer – the Best Veneer in Kerala

American Walnut veneers are easy to work with, both with hand as well as machine tools. It can make nails and screws without any difficulty. Also, American Walnut veneers glue seamlessly. As a result, it offers a flawless finish. Moreover, it can easily be polished or stained, as and when required.

Premium Application

American walnut veneers are one the best options when it comes to surfacing high-end furniture and other elements for your interiors. American Walnut veneer is a premium surfacing option for your home furniture. Moreover, it is a complete solution for your workplace.

American Walnut Veneers From Jac Veneer

American Walnut is one the most sought-after wood species due to its versatility. American Walnut Veneers simply stands out. It is one of the best options for residential and commercial projects. And if you are looking for the right surfacing option, check out the real wood veneer collection available at Jac Veneer.