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When it comes to domestic hardwood beech lumber, you want the best in terms of beauty and quality. Advantage JacGroup India’s beech lumber is that.  Being one of the best beech lumber manufacturers and suppliers in Kerala, one option for domestic hardwood is Beech Lumber.

Beech is dark to light reddish-brown, and its sapwood is white with a reddish shade. It is uniform in texture. It has straight grains and tiny pores. Beech is a hardwood that has high dimensional stability due to ideal moisture content. The stiffness gives them high crush strength and high resistance to shock. It also has great durability. Outstands with its bending characteristics and gluing properties. Its versatility helps it hold oils and stains with ease. It has a fine texture.

Beech wood

Beech lumber is used in many projects. It is frequently used for food containers due to the fact that it is tasteless and odorless. It is also a popular wood for furniture, flooring, veneers, and cabinet making.

They work easily with hand and power tools. It has good nailing properties. It stains and polishes to a good finish.

Why Beech Lumber could be a great option?

Beech Lumber Characteristics

  • Price: According to the opinion of the best beech lumber manufacturer and supplier,  JacGroup India, one of the best characteristics is its price stability.
  • Excellent working properties: JacGroup India’s best beech wood has a reputation for working very well. This also makes it a popular choice for use in cabinets, flooring, and furniture making.
Beech Lumber
  • Size of Beech Lumber: As the beech trees typically grow to 100-130 feet tall with diameters of 3-5 feet; they can be used to produce thick lumber with excellent average widths.
  • Stains and paints well: JacGroup India’s best beech, stain, and paint very well. As a result, gives it the ability to mimic other more expensive hardwoods.
  • Tight grain: Beech grain patterns are tight and uniform. It machines well, has strong holding properties, and is relatively dense.