Pre-laminated MDF In Kerala

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About pre-laminated MDF

Pre-laminated MDF, a medium density fiber (MDF) board made with a smooth melamine layer. This layer applied to the surfaces of MDF to make it water-resistant to avoid bulging.

Pre-laminated MDF also called Prelam MDF, chipboard; particleboard; It is an engineered wood product that is manufactured by compressing wooden chips, saw-dust, and wood shavings using a resin binder to hold the particles together. Compared to other boards, it is a sustainable and cost-effective MDF. The better appearance and durability of prelam MDF are achieved.

Cheery Texture Prelaminated MDF

Pre-lam MDF is available in various patterns, different grades, colors, and designs with the relative ease of application. M2 and M3, popular industrial grades used in cabinets and furniture. Commercial grade (MS) used in paneling and cabinets of lower quality. The other grades available are countertop grade (M2) and shop grade. The commercial-grade used for countertops and tabletops. Shop grade used for commercial and retail applications.

Merits of Prelam MDF

Prelam MDF is the most cost-effective core material for your cabinetry. It is also eco-friendly as it utilizes all the by-products of other engineered woods. Prelam MDF also has an appealing aesthetics appearance due to its finishing touch with laminates or veneers and is available in a variety of colors and wood finishes.

Mahogany Prelaminated MDF

They are also significantly less heavy compared to other boards making them easy to use and for transportation. Wall paneling and false ceiling can be done with the soundproof quality of prelam MDF.

B/TEAK TXT Prelaminated MDF

In order to last long and for rough usage, JacWud Prelam MDF is the first choice as a core material to withstand rough use and last for many years without getting damaged. Jacwud Pre-Laminated MDF, the best pre-laminated MDF is Jacwud hardwood MDF, laminated on both surfaces by synthetic resin-impregnated base papers under the influence of heat pressure.

Jacwud Prelam MDF available in both One side Laminated (OSL) and Both Side Laminated (BSL) sheets. Unlike other prelam boards available in the market, jacwud® Prelam has got all the features of Jacwud hardwood MDF which makes the board unique.