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Fiber Cement board consists of reinforced fiber with cement. It makes the board more strong and durable. These boards have become quite common in the construction industry as well as interior and exterior designing. They are a much easy to use option when we are looking to build fast and efficiently. JacWud Fibre Cement Board, the best fiber cement board in Kerala, is of exterior grade, high quality, and durability.

Most of us are really not aware of what makes Fiber cement boards a better option than plywood and other substitutes. JacWud provides the best fiber cement board in Kochi, Kerala.

Fiber cement boards are composite material boards made of sand, cement, and cellulose fibers. To be specific, they are composed of Portland cement with glass-fiber mesh on the surface. These boards can be used independently or along with other woods like plywood. They are highly resistant to fire, water, and termites. As a result, they are an ideal choice for building good quality and long-lasting furniture and homes.

Fiber Cement boards when compared to gypsum boards, they stand strong in the presence of moisture and leaks. Fiber Cement boards have excellent moisture absorbing and drying properties making them resistant to harsh weather changes as well.

The only possible but negligible disadvantage of fiber cement boards is their weight and working cost. While the board itself costs not more than plywood, working with these boards requires more labor, time, and effort. However, the outcomes are pleasing and require only minimum maintenance.

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