Feng-Shui In Furniture

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Cities are turning out to be global villages with an influx of migrants and their culture, resulting in a multicultural society based on a composite belief system from every region, religion, or ethnicity. It provides freedom for people to choose beliefs that didn’t exist on their own and bring people together. Be it yoga, Ayurveda, or Feng- Shui it is adopted by millions of westerners, Indians, and people across the world with different ethnicities. It Started when Chinese culture started amalgamating with western society due to Chinese immigration for jobs, trade, and education. Commonly when people hear the word Feng-shui they are quickly reminded of the small doll of Chinese laughing buddha or wind chimes which is somewhat related to what we are talking about if not entirely.

Feng-Shui literally means wind-water in Chinese, originated in ancient China deals with structural design, placement of material inside, and various calculations involved in it.  Indian equivalent for it will be Vaastu- shastra which also deals with the above mention things in some ways if not entirely.

Feng-Shui is one of the five arts of Chinese metaphysics and it discusses the architecture of invisible forces that bind together like the universe, earth, and humanity. It has immense importance of where certain furniture should be kept or displaced from in house in order to bring positive energy in and keep negative energy out. Even though this is considered to be metaphysics and has no scientific relevance people still believe in it and choose to design their home and place their furniture according to Feng-Shui. A firm believer of this mystic form of home building believes it to be calm and peaceful.

What is the feature of Feng-Shui related to furniture placement?

Every piece of furniture in the home is arranged in such a way that positive energy/wind passes through the room and there is no blockage to the wind movement. Chi, which is called the positive energy should not be blocked by any arrangement of furniture. When the furniture is not arranged properly, they are will lead to unhappiness, lack of success, and growth. In the living room, for example, the best way to arrange chair and sofas are to face one another not a right angle or focusing on TV/fireplace but facing each other as it induces conversation and togetherness. In the bedroom, where one sleeps, there should be a solid bed with good support as it helps to improve sleep. The bed should be arranged in such a way that occupants can see the view of the door. It is important that the bed is not on the same wall as the door or is adjacently placed on the wall of the toilet.

According to Feng-Shui prosperity of the family is represented by the food or the abundance of the food. So, the family should eat food in such a way that they are all facing tables and the head of the family is at the farthest end from the entrance of the room.

The furniture of the office is arranged in such a way that it welcomes the arrival of opportunity and prosperity. It is done to attract new opportunity which can be customer, sales or a client, feeling pleasant coming to your office and feeling the occupant of the office be a trustworthy environment. The working desk should have a support of the wall behind and a sufficient to the large chair to support the person sitting and symbolizing success. JacFurn provides the best furniture in Kochi and Chennai of all types. A lot of them are compliant with the Feng-Shui. You can buy online from our stores via https://jacfurn.com/. For more information visit our websites or call +91-9388813400