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Over 100 Years In Wood

A part of the Thamarappally family, The Jac Group prides itself in a tradition of over 100 years in the timber and plantation industry. From forestry and Plantations in the late 19th and early 20th century, the Group ventured into the manufacturing segment in 1959 under the dynamic leadership of late T.K.Jacob.

We believe that wood and wood products are our core strength. Over the years, JacGroup has developed various value added products for the interior and building industry. We constantly strive to set industry benchmarks and adhere to environment safety norms. Innovation is a part of our culture and we are the pioneers in manufacturing and trading of various products such as K/D Furniture, Group matched Veneers, Flexi Veneers, Veneered MDF, Jacwud Hardwood MDF, Veneered and Laminated Doors, Water proof WPC Boards, Pre-hung Doors, Clip-on Wall Paneling systems, Jac Floor and much more. We continue to be a leader in various wood related products with a strong presence in both the Indian and International markets.

The Jac Interior Store" is a one-stop concept store for Interior products from the over 100-year-old Thamarappally and Jac Group. This store offers a basket of high-quality Eco- Friendly products which can be benchmarked with the best in the world, at the most economical prices. From Jacwud Hardwood MDF to Veneered MDF, Anti Cockroach MDF & Pre-Lam MDF to Kiln Dried Beech Wood Lumber, Solid Wood Boards, Jacwud Cement Boards and Water Proof WPC Boards to Veneers, Doors and more, the range is exhaustive. As a commitment to our over a decade-long association with the Wood Industry, we guarantee the quality and pricing of all our products.

Kuruvilla Kochu Thommen

(Appai) (1844-1910) Founder of Thamarappally Family Member of the Travancore Sri Mulam Assembly


(1881-1947) Member of the Sri Chithra, Travancore State Legislative Council (1928-31) and Travancore Sri Mulam Assembly (1933-37)

Thamarappally Kochuthommen


Thamarappally Kochuthommen Jacob

(T K Jacob) (1933-2004) Founder Jac Group

Our Products

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Jac Furn (formerly Jacsons Furniture) is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in India with generations of expertise, offering well-designed, high-quality home & office furniture using our own raw-materials which are all eco-friendly. We constantly strive to set industry benchmarks and adhere to environmental safety norms.

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Pre Hung Doors

Jac Door, the pioneer manufacturers of Pre-Hung Doors in India with over 100 designs of veneered/laminated/painted pre-hung doors and much more. Fire doors, sound-proof doors and climate doors are also part of our range.

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Jac Veneer, the pioneer manufacturers and exporters of Group Matched Veneers in India has an extensive range of veneers from around the world. Our exotic range of burls, pommele, figured and fumed veneers are a treat for the most discerning. Our designer collection opens out a limitless canvas for creativity.

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Jac Floor, the only 100% Pre-laminated Hardwood HDF Flooring provides the best scratch and moisture resistant flooring option. It is meticulously manufactured in a state-of-the-art processing unit with cutting-edge German technology. Beautiful and durable flooring from Jac Floor will add elegance, warmth, and value to your space. Jac Floor comes in a range of wood grains and colours to suit the most sophisticated interiors.

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JACWUD, the only 100% Hardwood MDF/HDF in India is an eco-friendly product and an ideal substitute for other panel boards such as Marine Plywood, Commercial Plywood, Block board etc. Jacwud SuperD is a High Density Fibre Board which has been accepted in the market as the BEST AVAILABLE HDF IN INDIA. It is an advanced version of Jacwud Hardwood MDF where the density is improved by loading more fibre content.

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Veneered Hardwood MDF/HDF

Jacwud Veneered Hardwood MDF/HDF is the only factory made and hot pressed pre-veneered MDF/HDF available in India. We offer around 60-70 species of veneered MDF/HDF. Since veneer is laminated on Jacwud hardwood MDF/HDF, it ensures better perfection and is delamination free. Polishing is economical and easy as the veneered faces are fine sanded in the factory using sophisticated wide belt sanding technology. This product is extensively used for shutters for kitchen and wardrobe cabinets which gives enhanced aesthetic look and reduces the production time.
Jacwud Veneered hardwood MDF/HDF is the perfect product for all home and office furniture.

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Prelaminated Hardwood MDF/HDF

Jacwud Pre-Laminated Hardwood MDF/HDF is pre-laminated with melamine-impregnated paper from Germany under high heat & pressure.
Jacwud Pre-Laminated Hardwood MDF/HDF boards are highly scratch & moisture resistant and brings down the production time by 50% over traditional methods of production.

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WPC Boards

Jacwud WPC (Wood-Polymer Composites) Boards are water proof boards manufactured using the combination of wood & PVC. The advantage of WPC boards is that it has the aging properties of wood and water proofing properties of PVC. This is the perfect product to be used for storage cabinets in wet areas.

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Finger Jointed Boards

JacTeek Solid Rubber Wood Boards are kiln dried and finger jointed boards in 8x4 feet size. It is manufactured in a state of the art factory and can be benchmark with the best finger joined boards in the world. JacTeek Finger Joint Boards are highly moisture, fungus & termites resistant. These boards are the best for making 100% solid wood storage cabinets for homes and offices.

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Fiber Cement Boards

Jacwud Prima Fibre Cement Board is a new innovation which combines the strength of Cement and workability of wood to make an ideal building material for all kinds of building applications, namely, Flooring, Partitions, Ceiling, Internal and external Cladding, Fencing, Gate Construction, Roof, Skirting and so on.

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Beech Lumber

Jacteek Beech Lumber is perfectly kiln dried, Square/un edged and steamed. Optimised drying process guarantees low-stress wood and uniform colouring. Beech lumber has high dimensional stability due to ideal moisture content. The strength of Beech wood is at par with the density of Teak wood. This is the best available eco-friendly wood for furniture and interior applications and ideal for staining. Beech wood is sourced from organized forestry from Europe.

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Clip on Skirting

Jac Clip On Skirting, is easy to fix and add asthetic value to any interiors. Water proof skirtings are also available for installation on vitrified and ceramic tiles.

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Clip on Wall Paneling

Jac Clip On Wall Paneling is ready to fix panels which can be installed with minimum carpentry and in the shortest possible time. The wall panels are available in natural Burma Teak, American Walnut, African Sapele and other species in the Jac Veneer collection. The panels are all pre finished with UV lacquer and are eco-friendly.

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  • Corporate Office

    Jac Group
    Thamarappally House, P.B.No.1670 Atlantis junction, M.G.Road Ernakulam Kochi-682015, Kerala, India

    Corporate Office

    Jac Group
    Thamarappally House, P.B.No.1670 Atlantis junction, M.G.Road Ernakulam Kochi-682015, Kerala, India

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